***If you are experiencing a water emergency, please call 810-225-8001. See below to help you determine if you are experiencing a water emergency:

  • Water leaking from the ground.
  • No water unexpectedly at your home or business.
  • Abnormally low water pressure
  • Any color, smell, or taste concerns.
  • Emergency plumbing concerns where property or life are in danger.

If you are experiencing a sanitary sewer backup or sewer gas smell in your home or business, call the City of Brighton at 810-225-8001 before calling a plumber. Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day.***

The Utilities Department consists of the Water and Wastewater divisions.

The Water Division maintains 60 miles of water main, three water storage facilities, and two treatment plants, which has a combined capacity to treat and pump 5.28 millions Gallons Per Day (GPD) of water to City residents and businesses.  An average of 1.4 million GPD are pumped.  The plants also serve several residential and business customers in portions of neighboring Brighton, Genoa, and Hamburg Townships per established intergovernmental agreements. The Water Division is also responsible for the inspection of new  water service taps/connections. It provides water to 4,000 separate billing accounts (residential and/or business combined), 650 fire hydrants, and approximately 1,500 valves.  

The Wastewater Division maintains over 50  miles of sewer lines (which includes 45 miles of gravity sanitary sewer mains and 8 miles of sanitary sewer force mains), 13 pumping stations and a treatment plant which receives and treats 1.4 million gallons of waste sewage daily from City residents and businesses. Like the water plants, it also serves several residential and business customers outside of the City, per established intergovernmental agreements. The Sewer Division provides sewer services to 2,992 separate billing accounts.

Maintenance personnel in the Water and Wastewater Divisions also provide significant crossover support for the City's Public Works Department on street maintenance and snow removal services.

Billing services and related customer service administration for new connections, meter reads/repairs and resolution of customer billing inquiries are provided by the City's Finance Department in coordination with the Utilities Division Superintendent, Department of Public Services Director, and City Manager.

Water Plant

2 iron removal plants—Pierce Street & Challis Road

  • Pierce Street - 890 Gallons Per Minutes (GPM) and 1.28 GPD
  • Challis Road - 2,780 GPM and 4 Million GPD

3 booster stations

  • North Star Booster Station - fills the elevated North Start Tank
  • Nelson Street & Summer Booster Stations - boost pressures for small areas of higher elevation

5 wells - 2 at Pierce Street & 3 at Challis Road
60 miles of water main
3 water storage facilities - Total Storage Volume of 1.62 million gallons

  • Northstar Tower  - 600,000 gallons
  • Summit Standpipe - 770,000 gallons
  • Pine Creek Storage Tank - 250,000 gallons

Water Treatment Includes:
Iron Removal
Fluoridation and Phosphate for corrosion reduction and fluoridation
Manganese Removal

Wastewater Plant
Tertiary Treatment Plant designed for 2.25 million gallons per day
Thirteen sewage pump stations
50 miles of gravity sanitary sewer mains
8 miles of sanitary sewer force mains