Weeds/Tall Grass

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that according to City of Brighton Ordinance, Article III – WEEDS, this is a notice to all residents/property owners in the City of Brighton.

According to Section 94-67 Growth or Accumulation – It shall be unlawful for the owner of any lot or parcel of land or any person in possession or control of any lot or parcel of land within the City to allow or maintain upon any portion of such lot or land any growth of tall grass, brush, weeds or to permit the deposit or accumulation upon any portion of such lot or land, of any debris, rubbish, refuse, trash, dead vegetation, or garbage so as to create a nuisance due to unsightliness, an unhealthy or unsafe condition, or traffic hazard, or fire hazard.

If any owner of any lot or land or any person having charge of any lot or land shall violate the provision of this article and fail to comply with the order described in this article, he shall be guilty of a violation of this Code (sec. 94-71) and be subject to a fine and costs accrued by the City for removal. (Sec. 94-66 & Sec. 94-73)

If you would like to file an anonymous complaint about a property that is in violation of the WEEDS ordinance, please contact the Code Enforment Officer at 810-225-9257.