Street Preservation

The City of Brighton is committed to maintaining quality infrastructure throughout the City. One of the many techniques the City uses to help maintain quality streets is an asphalt preservation treatment, known as Reclamite.

Reclamite is an asphalt emulsion treatment used on newer asphalt. The treatment penetrates the road surface and replaces emulsion that has been “cooked” away during the production and laying process. It helps increase asphalt flexibility and extend its life.  The difference in treated vs. non-treated asphalt can be seen in Picture A (shown below). The left side of the picture appears smooth, this has been treated by Reclamite. The right side of the picture appears rough, this has not been treated. 

Picture A.
reclamite 2
Picture B.

The work will consist of spraying the road surface with the treatment, then applying sand to the road surface. This process is shown in Picture B (shown above). The road surface may feel and sound sticky for a few days but this is normal. The treatment will eventually dry up completely sealing the asphalt and protecting it from degradation.

This product will track when driven or walked on, but this will become less likely as the treatment soaks in and completely dries in a few weeks time. This product will not harm your pets and will not harm your concrete. If any material does get on your driveway it will fade over time. Additionally, it is recommended to keep pets in your yard so they do not track this in your home.

For questions on this technique of preserving our streets, please contact:

City of Brighton Dept. Public Services