Street Condition Ratings (PASER)

 The current PASER ratings for the City of Brighton are posted in the below interactive map. This map shows current PASER ratings for all City streets, as well as, past PASER ratings. Please note, data collection under the PASER system began in 2018 and ratings do not include recent construction unless the project has been completed.

The Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system (PASER) is method of road assessment that is conducted by a visual survey. Roads can be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being considered to be Failed condition and 10 to be Excellent condition. For further information on PASER, please visit the State of Michigan’s website at: 

Current PASER Street Ratings
 SQI_green= Good/Excellent (Rating 8 to 10)
 SQI_yellow= Fair (Rating 5 to 7)
 SQI_red= Poor/Very Poor (Rating 1 to 4)
 SQI_brown= Not Rated*
 SQI_black= Town Border
*This category includes streets not owned by
The City of Brighton (e.g. private, county, etc.)