Snow Removal

City of Brighton Winter Maintenance

Who is Responsible for Roadway Snow Removal?
Snow removal is the responsibility of the Department of Public Services.

The Department of Public Services requests all residents follow these snow and ice guidelines to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the City of Brighton:

  • Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property.
  • Please do not push, blow or throw snow into the street or on sidewalks.
  • In case of a Snow Emergency, please do not park on any public street.  Snow Emergencies are posted on the City’s website, through social media outlets and are sent out through the City’s APP.
  • Please place your curbside trash and recycling carts at the foot of your driveway or clear an area in the snow along your property line behind the curb for their weekly placement.  Keeping the carts off our roadways allows our plow trucks to clear your street without hitting the carts.

Winter Maintenance Best Practices
Best practices used to salt and plow streets and other City facilities depends on the interaction of several factors:

  • Duration of snowfall
  • Amount of snow accumulation
  • Type of snow - light/dry or wet/heavy
  • Temperature before and after snowfall
  • Effectiveness of salt spreading
  • High winds – drifting

When roadways become icy or during the first inch of snowfall, salt will be placed on major thoroughfares, hills, curves and intersections. After the snowfall stops and all roadways are cleared of snow, all roadways will have salt applied as needed.

Snow Emergencies
The City Manager or Director of Public Services is responsible for declaring a snow emergency. An emergency is usually declared when the snowfall is of such a magnitude that it causes significant travel hazards. The primary purpose of the snow emergency is to clear all on-street parked cars until the snow can be cleared from the roadways. During a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from City streets until the snow emergency is canceled. Moving your vehicle ahead of time will help avoid a last-minute scramble. Cars parked on the streets during a parking ban may be towed. 

Snow Plowing Facts

  • The City of Brighton averages 41 inches of snow fall per year
  • The City performs winter roadway maintenance an average of 35 times per year
  • There are 53 miles of roadway within the City of Brighton
  • There are  42 cul-de-sacs and dead ends maintained by the City of Brighton
  • City personnel perform winter maintenance at every City-owned facility and public parking lot, including all adjacent walkways

Sidewalk Snow Removal
Per Section 78-80 Snow Removal of the City of Brighton Code of Ordinances, residents are required to remove the snow from the sidewalk adjacent to their home within the following parameters:

  • Snow shall be cleared within 24 hours after it has fallen, if there is an accumulation of four inches or less
  • Snow shall be cleared within 48 hours after it has fallen, if there is an accumulation of more than four inches
  • In the event a snow emergency is issued, snow shall be cleared within 24 hours after the emergency has expired.

Avoid a “Second Shovel” by Clearing Snow as Shown Below
avoid second shoveling

Snow Removal by your Driveway and Mailbox
While we battle Michigan’s winter weather together, please remember the following to keep your driveway clear and mail delivery on time due to large amounts of snow. The area before your driveway and mailbox must be kept clear of snow. This often involves a joint effort between the City plow trucks clearing the streets of snow and the resident shoveling around their mailbox and the end of their driveway. USPS advises that if they determine that they cannot deliver curbside; your mail can be picked up directly from the Post Office.

Adopt a Fire Hydrant and Keep it Clear of Snow
Do a good deed for your community! Clear snow away from the fire hydrants near your property. This provides quick access for firefighters and water maintenance personnel and allows them to respond efficiently in case of an emergency.

Fire Hydrant Clear of Snow

For questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Public Services at or 810-225-8001.