Officer of the Year

Officer Tom Sliwa – 2020 Officer of the Year

The Brighton Police Department is proud to announce Officer Tom Sliwa has been selected by his peers as the Brighton City Police Officer of the year for 2020.  Officer Sliwa, who started his career as a Reserve Officer in 2012, was sworn in, full-time, with the department in 2014.  Prior to becoming a full-time Police Officer, Officer Sliwa served our Livingston County community as a paramedic with E.M.S. for 7years.  It was during this time where he got the law enforcement bug while assigned as Tactical Medic with the County S.W.A.T. team. Officer Sliwa worked directly with law enforcement and developed relationships that would ultimately change his career path.

During Officer Sliwa’s 7 year career he has proven himself to be a vital member of this department and an asset to the community.  His prior medical training as a paramedic prepared him to where he was able to save three lives which he received lifesaving awards.  His investigative skills and proactive nature has, on multiple occasions, led to finding crimes in progress, the apprehension of criminals which resulted in the clearing of multiple cases, to include those being investigated by surrounding agencies, and built his reputation within the law enforcement community as Officer that serves his community with service, integrity, courage and professionalism. 

Officer Sliwa’s core values are one of the main reasons he is a member of the Field Training Program which trains all of the new Officers before they are able to work the road in a solo fashion.  Passing on his knowledge and experience to new Officers is one of the most gratifying positions we have, but, it’s also the most important position we have in ensuring they have the skills to properly and safely police the City of Brighton with the same core values.  Officer Sliwa’s willingness to learn and do more for the department has led him to take on the role of Property Room Manager where he maintains the integrity of property and evidence to ensure positive outcomes in future court proceedings.

Not enough can be said about how Officer Tom Sliwa is a dedicated Police Officer, serving the residents of the City of Brighton with, compassion and professionalism.  He has built a strong relationship with members of this department, the community and surrounding agencies.  With Officer Tom Sliwa’s dedication and professionalism to the City of Brighton, there is no doubt we will see him receive, or be considered, for these and other accolades in the future.