Officer of the Year

Officer Drake Brusseau – 2022 Officer of the Year  Officer Brusseau

The Brighton City Police Department is proud to announce Officer Drake Brusseau has been selected by his peers as the Brighton City Police Department Officer of the year for 2022. Officer Brusseau began his career in law enforcement as a Service Aid with the Wixom Police Department. Officer Brusseau was sworn in with the Brighton City Police Department in March of 2020.

During Officer Brusseau’s career he has proven himself to be a vital member of this department and an asset to the community. His investigative skills and proactive nature have, on multiple occasions, led to finding crimes in progress, the apprehension of criminals which resulted in the clearing of multiple cases. Officer Brusseau has built a reputation with the law enforcement community as an Officer that serves his community with integrity, courage, and professionalism.

Officer Brusseau's drive and core values is one of the main reasons he is member of the Field Training Program which trains all off the new officers before they are able to work by themselves on the road. Passing along his knowledge to new Officers is one of the most gratifying positions we have, but, it is also the most important position we have in ensuring new Officers have the skills to properly and safely police the City of Brighton.