Babysitting Safety


  • Take a babysitting course offered through the Red Cross or a local community education program.
  • Have the homeowner’s name, address, and mobile phone number written down and kept near the house phone.
  • Get written instructions about any medicines to be given to the children: how much and what time.
  • Take a walk through the home and check for any special locks, windows that cannot be climbed out of, telephone locations and anything that might be a problem in case of an emergency.
  • During the walk-through, check for hazards and things that the children can get into, such as matches, lighter fluid, electric cords, plastic bags, medication, or anything else that may be dangerous.
  • If there is a pool, get detailed instructions from the parents regarding pool access.  Generally it is best to have no one near the pool when the parents are away.

Safety Tips

  • If it is evening, turn on the porch/outside light.
  • Do not have visitors while babysitting, stay focused on the children.
  • Have a mental fire drill: that is, plan on more ways than one to get yourself and the children out of the house in case of fire.
  • Be sure to find out if you are to give the children anything to eat or drink before bed.
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are locked from the inside, and lock the front door after the parents leave.
  • Do not open the door for anyone unless you personally know the person.
  • Do not tell a caller that you are the babysitter and the resident is away, just take a message.
  • Do not go outside to investigate suspicious noises or activity.  Check the door locks, turn on outside lights, and call 9-1-1.
  • If the children are asleep, check on them about every 15 minutes.
  • If the children are up, know their location at all times and never leave them alone too long.
  • If for any reason you must leave the house, Take The Children With You!
  • Do not let your smartphone distract you from the children, they are YOUR responsibility.
  • Never shake a baby or young child.


  • Dial 9-1-1 and be prepared to provide the address.
  • Remain calm and carefully describe the emergency.
  • Follow the directions of the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

In Case Of Fire

  • Sound the alarm -- yell FIRE as loud as possible.
  • If possible, close the door to the area where the fire is.
  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish the fire, focus on getting the children out.
  • Get everyone out of the house, and do not go back in for any reason.
  • Keep all the children together, and go to the approved neighbor’s home.
  • Call 9-1-1 or ask a neighbor to call 9-1-1.
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