Contact the Police

City of Brighton Police Department
440 S. 3rd Street, Brighton, MI 48116  (Google Maps)

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Phone
Police Brent Pirochta Chief of Police (810) 844-5050
Police Craig Flood Deputy Chief of Police (810)-844-5134
Police James Meldrum Sergeant (810)-844-5124
Police Keven Miller Sergeant (810)-844-5125
Police Chris Parks Sergeant (810)-844-5120
Police Lorriane Ritchie Administrative Assistant (810)-844-5136
Police Deb Utter Dispatch/clerk (810)-844-5146
Police Michael Arntz Detective Sergeant (810)-844-5137
Police Jeremy Bell Patrol Officer (810)-844-5139
Police Kristi Bell School Resource Officer/Patrol Officer (810)-225-2206
Police Thomas Sliwa Sergeant (810)-224-5081
Police Robert Eccles Patrol Officer (810)-844-5108
Police Drake Brusseau Patrol Officer (810)-844-5143
Police Brandon Bauer Patrol Officer (810)-844-5123
Police Micky Dingman Reserve Officer (810)-227-2700
Police Vince Parlove Reserve Officer (810)-227-2700
Police Erik Kramer Reserve Officer (810)-227-2700
Police Evan Siemen Patrol Officer (810)-844-5133
Police Ashley Robertson Patrol Officer (810)-844-5119
Police Nathan Woods Patrol Officer (810)-227-2700
Police Rob Powers Patrol Officer (810)-844-5107
Police Steve Carlson Patrol Officer (810)-844-5122