Big Red Barrel/Prescription Drug Disposal

The City of Brighton Police Department's headquarters at 440 S. 3rd Street is now serving as one of several Big Red Barrel project delivery points for the safe disposal of prescription drugs. For more information and details about this substance abuse prevention program operated by the Livingston County Community Alliance, click here

The City of Brighton is happy to support the mission of the Livingston County Community Alliance with a Big Red Barrel at our City's Police Department headquarters.    

The Livingston County Community Alliance sponsors and manages a variety of programs and services including but not limited to the Big Red Barrel project. More information about the Alliance's programs and services is available at the Alliance's website.

Red-BarrelItems Accepted For Disposal

Prescription and non-prescription medications including:

  • Pills, Capsules, Tablets etc…
  • Loose pills should be in sealed containers such as a zip-lock bag or plastic pill bottle with personal information removed.  
  • Liquids capped tightly in their container and bagged in zip-lock bag

DO NOT drop off any of the following:

  • Sharps (needles)
  • Ointments or Creams
  • Unsealed liquids
  • Pressurized devices such as inhalers
  • Glass containers
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Any non-medication items