Laura Hoshaw, City Treasurer
200 N. First St.

The Treasury Division of the Finance Department is responsible for the oversight and administration of the City’s property tax system, including any necessary interfacing with the State, County, School District or other local taxing authorities/tax increment financing districts to insure proper billings, collections, remittances, accounting & reconciliations of all property taxes, special assessments and related fees, penalties and interest. This will include the pursuit of collection of delinquent personal property taxes, including the initiation of jeopardy assessments. This will also include reconciling the tax revenue and tax liabilities to the general ledger.

The Treasury Division is responsible for maintaining bank relations and managing the investment of the City’s idle surplus funds, per the City’s Investment Policy and Procedures. This will include scheduling the investment of available funds relative to cash flow requirements and interfacing with the City’s financial institutions. This will also include assisting in reconciling the monthly investment statement balances to the general ledger.

The Treasury Division is responsible for the oversight of the City’s General Liability & Property Insurance Policies, including the annual renewal process. This will include interfacing on claims processing to assure the City maintains adequate claims coverage.

The Treasury Division is responsible to issue dog licenses, on behalf of Livingston County, through the year based on the rabies shot expiration date.

Treasury is a division of the Finance Department.

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