Emergency Financial Services

Hardship from Taxes: City 810-225-8024
Can be exempted from current taxes if requirements are met. Forms and information can be obtained from the City Assessor. The city determines eligibility yearly.

Livingston County Department of Human Services 517-548-0200
In 1991, the Michigan Legislature established funding for the State Emergency Relief (SER) Program administered by the Department of Human Services. Those who qualify are eligible to receive up to $2,000 in emergency property tax assistance.

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund 517-546-6338
Contact your county veterans’ office for more information.  Financial assistance for delinquent property taxes is available for war veterans and their families through the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF). Apply to the MVTF committee in your county. All applications are investigated, deliberated and decided in confidence. Applicants may request a personal hearing with the committee during the application review. If the county MVTF denies the application, the decision may be appealed to the MVTF Board of Trustees. Must be honorably discharged to qualify, wartime era.

Salvation Army 517-546-4750
The local corps of the Salvation Army may allocate People Care Funds for emergency property tax relief. Contact the Salvation Army to see if funding is available.

Note: If property tax relief is NOT available through your local Salvation Army Corp, you may wish to utilize the People Care Funding to pay for basic emergency needs. Contact the Salvation Army for fund availability.

Local Churches
Local churches may make emergency loans or funds available to community members facing property tax sale or foreclosure. Contact your local church leaders to inquire about emergency financial relief.