Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Map

In October 2017, the Brighton City Council adopted a new, updated zoning ordinance! The City of Brighton Zoning Ordinance has been updated to improve the City’s development processes and to reflect changes in state and federal policy. The ordinance has been transformed into the “Clear zoning” model that offers a more concise, user-friendly document that provides an ease of use for all City stakeholders. This improved ordinance makes it easier for readers to quickly access and understand zoning regulations and presents those zoning regulations in a clear, easy-to-read manner that allows users to quickly find basic information and enable them to dig deeper.

For questions regarding setbacks, use standards, site standards, development procedures, and any other related zoning questions please call 810-225-9255.

Zoning Ordinance ZoningMap_02-21-2020
Zoning Ordinance Zoning Map