Residential Rental Registration


The City of Brighton City Council adopted an ordinance that requires the registration and inspection of rental units/houses within the City. This ordinance was adopted to benefit the City by:

  • Protecting the health, safety and welfare of residents of rental properties and adjacent properties.
  • Providing a tool to help maintain property values and "quality of life" within the immediate neighborhoods in which residential rental units are located.
  • Enforcing common minimum standards for all residential rental units, structures and premises.

Effective July 5, 2013, Chapter 18, Article VI of our City's Code of Ordinances requires the registration and inspection of allresidential rental units in the City. A residential rental dwelling unit is defined as a distinct individual living quarters within a building intended for occupancy by a person or persons other than the owner and the family of the owner, and for which a remuneration of any kind is paid. Single family residences, duplexes, apartments and rooming houses may all contain and be classified as rental units.

The owner of rental units within the City of Brighton must complete and file an application with the City of Brighton to register the units.

Failure to register a residential rental dwelling unit(s) within the applicable time period prescribed in Article VI of our City's Code of Ordinances shall constitute a civil infraction, which upon a finding of responsibility, therefore, shall subject the violator to a fine of up to $500.00 per unregistered residential rental dwelling unit, together with the costs of such prosecution.

The ordinance requires the inspection of your rental unit(s) once every third year. Once our office has received the registration applications, City Staff will contact you with your inspection year.

The International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) was used to establish the checklist of items to be inspected. The checklist to the International Property Maintenance Code is available by clicking here or at City Hall. If you have any questions regarding the ordinance or the registration/inspection, please feel free to contact the Rental Inspector, at 810-225-9257.