Liquor License Review Process


Liquor License Review Process

Every restaurant, bar, and store that sells alcohol is required by state law to have a liquor license.  Per the ordinance, in order to obtain a liquor license an establishment must submit an application to the City.  The Brighton Police Department reviews all applications, to include a background check of the license holder(s), and City Council votes to approve.  The license applications are then reviewed by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) for final approval.  All granted liquor licenses are currently subject to a yearly review and renewal by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission in April.

The Michigan Liquor Control Code and local ordinance lay out a framework for the review and renewal process, and the possible actions that may result in the revocation of a liquor license.   Mainly, establishments that sell alcohol for consumption, like restaurants and bars, are not permitted to provide alcohol to someone already intoxicated. 

Chief Wightman and Deputy Chief Bradford presented a report to Council during the last study session regarding alcohol-related 911 calls and incidents in which the City of Brighton Police Department has responded for 2016.  The officers have had numerous meetings to try to encourage the establishments to not overserve guests or serve intoxicated guests with limited improvement.  Due to the high number of incidents that occur in a few establishments in the downtown area, the Police Department requested a more thorough review process to occur yearly, prior to the MLCC April review, and results be reported to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. 

After reviewing the number of incidents that have occurred and the burden it places on Brighton’s officers, Council agreed that a thorough review process should be explored.  Council is to review the outline of an enhanced process during the next City Council meeting.  In the meantime, make sure to “drink responsibly.”