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Community Development19 documents

  • Application to Occupy Tenant Space.pdf
  • Building/Sign/Demo Permit Application.pdf
  • Property Maintenance Checklist.pdf
  • Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance.pdf
  • Residential Rental Registration Form.pdf
  • Rezoning Application.pdf
  • Pedestrian-Oriented Sign Application
  • Sidewalk Cafe & Outdoor Seating Area Permit.pdf
  • Site Plan Review Application.pdf
  • Special Land Use Permit Application.pdf
  • Temporary Sign Permit Application.pdf
  • ZBA Guidebook.pdf
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Application.pdf
  • Tent Permit Application
  • Sidewalk Occupancy Permit Application
  • Temporary Land Use Application
  • Vacant Building Registration Application
  • Collection Container Application
  • Social District Application Packet

Clerk12 documents

  • Adult Entertainment Application.pdf
  • Auction License Application.pdf
  • Election Inspector Application.pdf
  • Military & Overseas Voting Application
  • Mechanical Amusement Devices Application.pdf
  • Peddler-Solicitor-Canvasser License Application - Non-Profit.pdf
  • Peddler-Solicitor-Canvasser License Application.pdf
  • Taxi Cab License.pdf
  • Voter Registration Application and Michigan Driver License-Personal Identification Card Address Change Form.pdf
  • Spoiled Ballot Request
  • Freedom of Information Act Request
  • Absent Ballot Request

Finance10 documents

  • Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes.pdf
  • Utility Billing - Change of Customer Information Form
  • Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit (2368).pdf
  • Petition to the Board of Review (L-4035).pdf
  • Poverty Exemption Application.pdf
  • Property Transfer Affidavit (L-4260).pdf
  • Request to Rescind Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption (2602).pdf
  • Utility Direct Debit.pdf
  • Letter of Authorization
  • 2023 Property Description Change (split/combination)

Department of Public Works7 documents

  • Amphitheater at Millpond (AMP) Rental Policy and Application.pdf
  • Civic Event Policy and Application.pdf
  • Right-Of-Way Permit Application.pdf
  • Sculpture Garden Reservation Form.pdf
  • Water Meter Purchase Form
    Water Meter Purchase Form
  • Hydrant Meter Rental Form
  • Community Center Rental Application

Human Resources2 documents

  • Employment Application.pdf
  • Police Officer Application/Personal History Questionnaire

Police Department3 documents

  • Vacation Notification Form
  • Precious Metal Gem Dealer Packet.pdf
  • Alarm Registration Form
    Alarm Registration Form