City Council Retreat Recap

City Council Retreat Recap
The Brighton City Council met with staff on November 12th and 13th to collaborate on the vision and goals for the City.  The retreat achieved multiple objectives simultaneously: it created an environment for staff and Council to work together, helped map out individual and community values, and allowed for frank conversations around the budget forecast.   

The Council synthesized values expressed into a City vision statement, to be considered for approval during the December 1st City Council Meeting.  The vision statement, if approved, will serve as a guide for where the City of Brighton is headed and provide staff with big picture goals to work towards.  

The proposed vision statement is:

True to its heritage, the City of Brighton is an exemplary community that embraces and engages residents, businesses, and institutions. The City will continue this collaborative spirit and pursue enhanced partnerships to enrich the built environment, promote well-being, and nurture physical and social connections, while preserving fiscally sustainable core service delivery.

Nearly every attendee reported feeling more connected to and understanding of fellow staff and Councilmembers.  The retreat showed the value of building relationships in order to create a collaborative team.  The City looks forward to forming a strategic plan around the proposed vision and goals.