Building Connections: 2017 Development Report

Visual rendering of the "Second Street
Flats" development.

Building Connections: 2017 Development Report
This is truly an exciting time for the City of Brighton, with new projects sprouting up around the City and many more anticipated in the coming months. All these new developments and enhancements, both public and private, will strengthen and diversify offerings within the Brighton community. In addition, Community Development staff is updating internal processes to make it easier for property owners to invest in their homes and businesses.

Construction on the University of Michigan’s 300,000-square-foot Brighton Center for Specialty Care is running ahead of schedule and plans to hire 500 employees to serve 1,300 patients per day, offering upwards of 40 different medical services. The Brighton Center for Specialty Care is spurring development nearby with site work initiated for the new Holiday Inn Express located on the southwest corner of Murphy Drive and Nemco Way and the new Candlewood Suites located along Library Drive.
Cheresko Development is in the early phases of the vibrant redevelopment venture on Main Street. The highly anticipated project will enhance our dynamic downtown by constructing two new, high-quality buildings that will house restaurants, office space, and high-end apartments. Additionally, an outdoor courtyard will complement the aesthetic and character of Main Street with space for gathering, dining, and enjoying entertainment.
“Second Street Flats,” a proposed multi-family development along N Second Street will offer a diverse mix of condominiums for all family types. According to a market analysis conducted earlier this year, diversifying Brighton’s housing market will help the City meet housing demands within an evolving demographic.  Demand for urban-style housing is strong here given its close proximity to our thriving downtown. The proposed development plans to attract empty-nesters and young families to the area.
After receiving final site plan approval from City Council in October, the Brighton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is moving forward with the long-awaited Millpond Bandshell and Amphitheater revitalization! This project will make the Millpond more suitable for gatherings and performances by constructing a new band shell and stage, installing a colored concrete plaza, seating, and landscaping. Furthermore, green infrastructure will be implemented to reduce stormwater runoff and help improve Millpond water quality.
To assist with residential and commercial property improvements, City Council adopted a new zoning ordinance in October. The zoning ordinance, which had not been comprehensively updated since 1981, was overhauled to improve the City’s development processes and reflect changes in state and federal policy. The new ordinance uses the “Clearzoning” format, which offers a more concise, user-friendly document that allows readers to quickly access and understand zoning regulations.  Following the completion of the Master Plan process, additional zoning regulations will be updated to reflect the plan findings.
The amount of public and private investment seen over the course of the past year ensures that the City of Brighton continues to be a great place to call home. The City will continue to make great strides in offering an outstanding quality of life for all community members. For more information on what’s new in Community Development, visit