Brighton City Website Redesign Proposal


Brighton City Website Redesign Proposal

City Council Study Session: Website Proposal Presentation

City Staff have been exploring the potential redesign of the City’s website,, following an internal review of the current site.  A Website Design Committee was created to prepare a redesign proposal that was presented at the City Council Study Session on September 7.  City Staff saw the need to update the site for stylistic purposes, but more importantly, they felt the user interface could be improved to enhance public communications, site navigation, and clarity of presented information.

The current site is hosted by Muniweb, a municipal website hosting and design company, located in Southeast Michigan.  City Staff presented a proposal from Muniweb for the redesign at the Study Session, discussing that working with Muniweb on the redesign would streamline the process and keep costs down.  Muniweb’s site proposal would include carrying over all of the information and documents currently contained on the site.  The new site would include all of the features and tools from the current site along with a few new ones that would enhance the user experience. 

The current website is updated internally by City Staff, so a staff comprised Website Design Committee would lead the redesign effort in collaboration with Muniweb representatives.  The Committee includes Human Resources, Clerk, Department of Public Works, Police Department, Community Development, Communications, and City Management staff members who utilize the website most often.  The redesign process would take several months to complete and would include a public input process.  

City Council was open to the idea and advised Staff to gather comparable quotes from other municipal website hosting and design companies before moving forward.