In mid‐July, the City of Brighton’s contractor. Pavement Technologies will perform an asphalt
treatment called Reclamite on various streets in the City.

Reclamite is a spray on road surface treatment application that is used to extend the life of
asphalt streets. When it is first applied, it is pink in color and sticky but will eventually become
clear. Then a layer of fine sand is spread on the Reclamite to reduce the stickiness and tracking
of the substance. Approximately 24 hours later, the sand is swept up. Some Reclamite material,
as well as the sand, will remain, but will eventually dissipate.

It can take approximately two weeks for the material to be absorbed into the asphalt, so during
that time, the surface may continue to be sticky. While both the color and stickiness will wear
away, it can be tracked onto driveways until it is completely dry.

If you travel on a road that has been treated, and you do not wish the material to be on your
driveway, you should park on the roadway.

The City has used this treatment in other areas with good success. We understand that it may
be unsightly and inconvenient at first, but the color will eventually fade and the stickiness will
be gone.

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