City Council Meeting Rules of Procedure

Officially adopted by the Brighton City Council on August 7, 2008

It is the purpose of these City Council Meeting and Call to the Public Rules of Procedure to encourage public participation in an orderly manner which gives everyone a reasonable opportunity to present his or her point of view for consideration by the City Council. The public is invited to speak on issues before the City Council during scheduled public hearings and during the call to the public. Items on the agenda or other topics can be addressed during call to the public. The call to the public is not for the purpose of conducting a debate between the City Council and citizens. Citizen’s questions will be answered immediately in the call to the public in which the question is asked if they can be answered immediately. If a question cannot be answered immediately/quickly, then the City Council will defer answering the question until later in the City Council Meeting after the call to the public or to a future City Council meeting.

Individuals may request that an item be placed on the City Council agenda by submitting the request in writing or on a City Council Agenda Item Request Form. The request will be submitted to the City Council for consideration. Individuals may also request that an item be placed on the agenda by contacting a member of the City Council or by speaking to the item during the call to the public at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

If your presentation concerns a specific complaint or suggestion, you may find it more convenient and may receive faster service if you call the appropriate City Department during regular business hours. If you have contacted the Department and for some reason results were not satisfactory, please call the Department Director or the City Manager’s office. A time limit is established to be sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and that presentations do not become repetitious. While the City Council wishes to give everyone an opportunity to express his or her point of view, it is neither necessary nor advisable for every member of a group to address the City Council. In those cases where a group is in attendance, it is suggested that one or two spokespersons be selected. The City Council attempts to make informed decisions based on all the information available rather than simply based upon the number of people who offer the same information or arguments.


  1. The Council will conduct two (2) calls to the public, one at the beginning of the meeting and one at the end of the meeting. On both occasions, the public will be able to speak on items that are or are not on the agenda.

  2. An individual shall not address the City Council without first having been recognized by the Mayor.

  3. Upon being recognized, the individual should proceed to the front of the room to use the microphone and state his or her full name (providing an accurate spelling), residential address, and the topic to be discussed.

  4. Speakers shall be limited to a presentation of five minutes unless such period of time is extended by a vote of the City Council.

  5. An individual will not be given an opportunity to speak a second time on the same issue until all others wishing to make a presentation on the subject have had an opportunity to do so.

  6. Sign in sheets will be used at the discretion of the Mayor. If a sign in sheet is being utilized, members of the public wishing to speak must complete their name, address and the topic or agenda item, which they intend to speak on. Sign in sheets will be available near the agenda box. Sign in sheets must be given to the Clerk prior to the first call to the public.

  7. When a person(s) becomes unruly as determined by the Mayor in the role as the Chairperson of the City Council Meeting, the Mayor may declare said person(s) in the audience to be out of order and if necessary, may rule that the individual(s) has forfeited the opportunity to speak further. A person(s) may be excluded from the meeting for breach of the peace committed at the meeting. Clapping and cheering are inappropriate.

  8. These Rules of Procedure are intended to supplement Robert's Rules of Order which have been adopted by the City Council. Where inconsistencies or conflict may exist between these Rules of Procedure and Robert's Rules of Order, these Rules of Procedure shall prevail.