Councilmember Renee Pettengill

Renee Pettengill was appointed to Brighton City Council in February of 2016.  She and her husband Stuart have been 22310463_1903936059624513_5018010399622350284_nmarried for 13 years and they have 2 boys who attend Brighton Area Schools.  She has been working in Community Engagement for Cornerstone Schools in Detroit since 2012 where she is the liaison for over 2500 Partners.

Renee hit the ground running, as she has been active in the community since moving to Brighton in 2010.  Renee spearheaded the movement to restore the Imagination Station in the center of downtown in 2011.  She took on the responsibility to bring the community together by complying with the orders of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and utilizing volunteers to keep the park open and running.  From the time the park was re-opened in the spring of 2011 until the last volunteer workday of 2015 there has been thousands of volunteers that have come to donate their time and efforts resulting in saving the taxpayers $20,000.00 a year.  Downtown Brighton has attracted volunteers from all over Livingston County and as far away as Port Huron.  Renee speaks to organizations around Livingston County about the unity of the City of Brighton and how they work together as volunteers,  merchants and city staff to maintain a community to be proud of.  

Mrs Pettengill was appointed to the Officer's Compensation Commission in 2015 and to the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2016.
Renee is passionate about the City of Brighton because of its quality of life,  its people,  its community.  She plans to work fervently with city council and city staff for the citizens to ensure Brighton continues to improve and remains an outstanding place to live and conduct business. The Pettengill family is proud to call downtown Brighton their home where they are often found enjoying the Imagination Station,  strolling the Tridges,  dining  and enjoying all of the downtown events.

Feel free to contact Renee at 248-797-0829 or via email.  Councilmember Pettengill is currently serving a 4-year term, ending November 2021.