Mayor Kristoffer L Tobbe

With over 10 years spent in governmental services, Kristoffer has established an in-depth knowledge base of the Portrait-Tobbemechanisms that move private and public organizations throughout Michigan. Kristoffer hopes these observations can be used to aid in the process of creating more efficient and effective methodologies that move the business of government forward through the use of technology as well as direct management and the reduction of bureaucracy.

Mr. Tobbe has managed numerous large technology projects, implementing technological and operational solutions that create improved communication and effective operational systems. Additionally, he has consulted on numerous ventures, both private and public, covering a variety of disciplines including strategy, development, managerial, technology, planning and marketing. Kristoffer believes in finding sustainable and viable options for challenges, both long and short term.

Kristoffer has a Master's degree in Business Management from Walsh College complimented by a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. Kristoffer has been very active in the community since completing graduate school and moving back home to the City of Brighton, where he grew up. He has served as a Trustee on the Brighton District Library since 2009 and served as President of the Board of Trustees in 2010. Kristoffer has also served as sub-committee Chairperson for the Advantage Livingston countywide strategic planning initiative. In 2010 Mr. Tobbe was appointed to sit on the City of Brighton Arts and Cultural Committee and has assisted in initiatives such as regular sculpture replacement, City of Brighton World Café planning and strategy sessions, the planning of the Brighton's newest park - the Brighton Arts and Cultural Committee Sculpture Garden, the Brighton Veterans Memorial, and the newly revised Mill Pond area master plan. As a member of our great community, Kristoffer strongly believes that integrity and actions speak volumes about a person. Humility and a strong desire to be a steward of, and for the people have led Kristoffer to public service and elected office.

Kristoffer and his wife, Courtney, own and reside in one of downtown Brighton's Main Street homes, which the couple purchased in 2008. Their family has spent many long hours investing in the property, happily call the old house their permanent family residence. Kristoffer and Courtney have four daughters who they are very proud of. They absolutely love living in the downtown Brighton community and walk to town to enjoy dining, shopping, and cultural events.

Feel free to contact Kristoffer Tobbe via email at Councilmember Tobbe is currently serving a 4-year term, ending November 2025.