Downtown Development Authority

What is the Downtown Development Authority (DDA)?

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1988 to maximize the economic potential of Downtown Brighton by initiating and facilitating development and redevelopment, and by enhancing Downtown’s public spaces. The DDA, in collaboration with other public and private entities, strives to ensure the growth and prosperity of the community. The DDA has spearheaded many projects over the years such as the original Main Street streetscape project, construction of the ever popular Tridge, parking improvements, the annual flower program, the reconstruction of Second Street, property redevelopment, and most recently, the construction of the AMP. The DDA is beginning work on a comprehensive redesign and reconstruction of the Main Street streetscape to fix deteriorating street and utility infrastructure and to better support the downtown business and user experience. Supporting economic and community prosperity is the primary focus of the DDA and its Board of Directors.

The City of Brighton’s DDA Board of Directors is made up of business owners, property owners and residents, as well as, liaisons from City Council and Chamber of Commerce. The DDA is currently staffed by the City Manager. Funding for the DDA is through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Simply put, the growth in tax revenue generated within the DDA District is shared between the City and DDA. The DDA re-invests these TIF proceeds into further economic development initiatives. The current DDA Plan expires on June 30, 2045.

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