Beautify Brighton: The Millpond

Millpond Restoration Plan

The Millpond is the focal point of the Brighton community. It’s where the hustle and bustle of downtown meets a one-of-a-kind natural beauty. The Millpond, however, has long served as a dumping ground leading to a poor state of soil and water quality, and many native species being choked out. Pollution, invasive species, shoreline erosion, and overpopulation of waterfowl are issues that need to be addressed. The City has deemed the Millpond’s condition unacceptable and has put together a plan to restore, manage, and breathe life back into our hometown treasure. The City will begin tackling these issues in the spring of 2017 through a series of volunteer cleanups, shoreline restoration, and sustained weed and waterfowl management.   

Landscape Design and Associates presented a shoreline restoration plan to the Brighton City Council in early 2017. The plan will mitigate erosion around City Hall through shoreline extension and native plantings. This design will restore the Millpond shoreline to its mid-century footprint and provide a stronger land base through deeper root systems that will reduce erosion and manage storm water more effectively. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will also work with the City to devise strategies to improve and sustain invasive plant and waterfowl management. The Millpond Restoration project is part of the larger Beautify Brighton initiative.

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Become a Millpond Restoration Volunteer

The City of Brighton plans to restore the Millpond to its former glory through a series of volunteer cleanups. Volunteers will give the Millpond the much needed attention it deserves by removing litter, clearing brush, weeds, and replanting the shoreline with native plants and wildflowers.  To stay informed about future Millpond Volunteer Days, join our Millpond Volunteer Mailing List.