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Car Safety

Some basic rules for keeping you and your car safe. 

Be Careful

  • Never, ever, drink or do drugs and then drive.
  • Don’t ride with drivers who are under the influence.
  • Focus on the road at all times.
  • Don’t text or use your cell phone while driving.
  • Don’t play around with your MP3 player while driving.
  • Always lock your car whether you are in it or not.
  • Avoid parking in isolated areas.
  • Stay calm. Don’t make obscene gestures to other drivers, no matter how angry they make you. Keep your anger under control. Road rage is a dangerous thing.  See also Road Rage Prevention & Safety
  • Back off when someone cuts you off or tailgates you.

Cell Phones On The Road

  • Drivers using cell phones while driving can be as dangerous as those driving drunk.
  • Remember, your call or text message can wait until you park the car.

Keep Your Car Safe

  • Never leave your car running or your keys in the ignition.
  • Always roll up your windows and lock the car.
  • Keep valuables out of plain view. Lock them in the trunk or take them inside with you.
  • Always carry your registration and insurance card with you.
  • Don’t leave personal information in the car.
  • Report anything stolen to law enforcement.