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Master Plan

Master Plan
PDF Master Plan - August 2012 (10 MB)

Comprehensive Master Plan
The City of Brighton is undergoing an exciting Comprehensive Master Plan process.  Kicked off at a joint meeting with the Planning Commission, City Council, and Downtown Development Authority, the Comprehensive Master Plan will give the City of Brighton a clear outlook for the future and the tools to get there.

We Need YOUR Input
To begin the process, the City is seeking community input.  Giffels Webster, the planning firm overseeing the City’s Master Plan process, has set up a web portal to track opinions, experiences, and ideas that will help shape the City’s long-term community strategy.  The City encourages participants to think big and outside the box when considering the future of Brighton.  A public open house will likely be scheduled in the fall and will welcome community attendance. 

View the working draft of the Comprehensive Master Plan!

Send us a picture and your thoughts on the Picture This! Brighton page!

Once adopted, the Brighton Master Plan is the official policy guide to be used by the City officials to resolve existing and anticipated community development issues identified in this document. Through the text and maps, the Master Plan illustrates the desires of the City toward future growth and development. Further, the Master Plan also promotes continuity in development policy as appointments to the Planning Commission and City Council change over the years.

To ensure that land use and development policies reflect current conditions in the City, it is essential that the Master Plan is periodically evaluated and kept current. Since adoption of the previous Master Plan, Brighton has undergone many changes. To address these changes, the goals, objectives, and policies contained within this Master Plan have been carefully prepared to respond to existing conditions and projected trends to make Brighton an attractive place to live and work.

This document represents an update of the previous Master Plan. Many of the goals, objectives and policies of the previous Master Plan remain relevant and are incorporated into this update as guiding principles with some revisions and additions to respond to changing circumstances. In particular, the emphasis of the Master Plan has changed due to the approaching buildout of the City. A greater emphasis is placed on the quality of the residential neighborhoods and housing stock and the maintenance of the City’s high quality of life in this update. Maintenance of infrastructure and redevelopment are also of greater importance in the update than in the previous plan due to the changing circumstances in the City. Despite these changes, the current update has the same overarching purpose as the previous Master Plan, to provide a tool for promoting and maintaining the prosperity and quality of life of the citizens of the City of Brighton.