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Ewing, Noeker, and Greimel Awards for Residential and Business Improvement projects of 2014

The annual Ewing, Noeker, and Greimel Awards were recently awarded and presented by the City of Brighton Planning Commission .

Slide Presentation with related pictures of all of the award nominees

Collage of Award WinnersAward winners for 2014

The E.D. Ewing Award is to a single family or multi-family project, which has best demonstrated through the high quality of its design, improvement, remodeling or construction, those standards of appearance, comfort and community betterment that add to the quality of life in the City of Brighton.

Winners: 116 Leith Street & 1220 Brighton Lake Road

The Noeker Award is given to a recent non-residential construction, remodeling or redesign project which exemplifies the City’s overall standards of appearance, comfort and community betterment.

Winner: 225 W. Grand River

The Karl H. Greimel Award is given to the project which exemplified overall excellence in the following attributes:

  • Best ‘fit’ & proper utilization of land
  • Innovation & creativity of the project
  • Attention to architectural detail
  • Quality of non-building related attributes such as landscaping, site lighting, passive recreation facilities & other attributes that advance public interest

Winner: Brewery Becker
The City of Brighton congratulates, and appreciates all of the award nominees for their recent investments and commitment to our community !