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Press Releases
8/23/14 Imagination Station Volunteer Opportunity
Subject :  Imagination Station Volunteer Workday of Saturday , August 23rd :  More volunteers needed to help with labor intensive Fibar Chip relayering 
Date :   August 18, 2014 
Released by :   Dana W. Foster,  City Manager
Imagination Station Volunteer Coordinator Renee Pettengill will be leading the next quarterly major volunteer workday on this Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 9AM - Noon .   Volunteer workdays occur twice each month on the second and fourth Saturdays, however this upcoming quarterly major workday will include a relayering of Fibar Chips on the floor of the Imagination Station Playground .  The last relayering was done in the Spring of this year.   
The fibar chip relayering process is intense work . It works best if at least 50 or more volunteers are present to do the work .  The combination of Volunteer Coordinator Pettengill and Brighton City Manager Dana Foster anticipate that 50 + volunteers in a 3-hour period will be able to install approximately  50 cubic yards of fibar chips based on past experience with this relayering process .   Volunteers installed well over 50 cubic yards of chips during this past Spring's quarterly major workday.  Dana Foster will be one of the participating volunteers in this upcoming Saturday's quarterly major workday. 
The City of Brighton and Imagination Station Volunteer Coordinator Renee Pettengill encourage all interested citizens who want to volunteer their time during this upcoming Saturday's volunteer workday at the Imagination Station to contact Renee via email at   or via the Brighton Imagination Station Facebook Page