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New CSX-West Parking Lot

The City of Brighton Downtown Development Authority ( DDA ) has recently initiated construction of what will be the new  "CSX-West Parking Lot"  immediately west of the CSX Railroad tracks abutting Downtown Brighton and on the North side of West Main Street in Brighton.
This new parking lot is being built on CSX railroad right-of-way property via a longterm lease negotiated and executed between the Brighton DDA and the CSX Railroad company.  This will be the 2nd such public parking lot planned and constructed by the Brighton DDA on leased CSX railroad right of way.  The other public parking lot on leased CSX railroad right-of-way ; known as the 2nd Street Parking Lot , is located on the East side of the CSX Railroad tracks and on the West side of North 2nd Street ( approximately 2 blocks north of West Main Street in Downtown Brighton ) .
The new CSX-West Parking Lot will be constructed and ready for public use by or before Downtown Brighton's upcoming  "Big 3"  annual civic events for 2015 : the Taste of Brighton Festival in July, the Fine Arts & Acoustic Music Festival in August,  and the Smokin'  Jazz & Barbecue Blues Festival in September.   This new public parking lot will provide much needed overflow parking during all of Brighton's 25+ civic events and additional public parking for daily commerce in Downtown Brighton.
See the construction progress picture below , and click here to see a diagram/drawing of the new parking lot layout.

CSX West Parking Lot.
CSX West Parking Lot